W13_RD_ Individual Re-baseline (Part 3)

  1. Problem Definition

As mention in previous blog, it is time to do the re-baseline in order to meet the target. In Week 10, Client had approved Author and 4 other team members Change Order proposal for descoping Paper Project with note that re-baseline should also be submitted. Therefore, individual rebaseline as part of the team had been submitted as requested in W 12 (cut date).

  1. Development of Feasible Alternatives

In general, re-baseline is of modifying the project plan to closely match the cumulative actual cost line [1]. Two methods will be used for this purpose:

  1. Utilizing sunk cost by consider below condition at the cut date:
  2. BCWP = ACWP
  3. BCWS = ACWP
  4. Adjust BCWS, while remain BCWP and ACWP at the same as actual

Fig 1

Figure 1 – Two methods of re-baseline (Method 1 : left side, Method 2 : right side) [2]


  1. Development of the Outcomes for Alternatives

Below is the individual progress up to W12.

Table 1

Table 1. Up to W12 Progress Report – Manhours

Method 1 :

In method 1, re-baseline is done by consider BCWS = BCWP = ACWP at the cut date.  In this case BCWS = BCWP = ACWP is $ 5,450 (109 manhours x $50/manhours). The result is SPI will be reset to 1 (BCWP/BCWS = 1). W13 onward, other activities will utilize original plan while SIM-01 and SIM-03 will refer to the result of learning curve analysis in previous blogs. Gap between before and after W12 is due to Paper De-scoping Change Order.

  1. SIM 01 – Weekly Report

Manhours adjusted from : 1.3  to 0.9 manhours

  1. SIM 03 – Blog Posting

Manhours adjusted from : 1.77  to 2.7 manhours

Fig 2a

Fig 2b

Figure 2. Re-baseline using Method 1

Method 2 :

In method 2, at cutoff date BCWP, ACWP and BCWS are maintain as actual. While for the W13 onward, will be similar with method 1.

Fig 3a

Fig 3b

Figure 3. Re-baseline using Method 2

  1. Selection of the Acceptable Criteria

Comparison should be done to see which method is more realistic as a new basis including from the cost wise

  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives

Table 2

Table 2. Method 1 and 2 – Comparison

Main concern at the cut date progress is the SPI value which happen to be main reason of this re-baseline, both method produce SPI = 1. However from table 2, method 2 has advantage since it save more manhours than method 1.

  1. Selection of the Preferred Alternative

Based on comparison result, Method 2 offered better saving, however since re-baseline was done at team level, then Method 1 was chosen

  1. Performance Monitoring and Post-Evaluation of Results

Once re-baseline complete, it is important to maintain the the new schedule and arrange better strategy especially to facilitate current daily workload condition.


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3 Responses to W13_RD_ Individual Re-baseline (Part 3)

  1. drpdg says:

    Good job, Pak Rikky……. The key is to use your “lessons learned” to create a more realistic ETC…. The way you can tell if your ETC was done correctly is if you can stay within +/-5% on your SPI and CPI……

    Make certain that from this point forward, you select blog topics which support the exam you want to take. Also be sure to use RP 11-R-88 as your checklist and anything you DON’T understand, use that as your blog topic. Force yourself to study things you are WEAK in….

    Dr. PDG, Boston, MA, USA


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