W25_EY_Garuda 2015 Class Lesson Learned

  1. Problem Definition

At the end of last blog posting for Garuda AACE 2015 Class, even the project was delivered in the optimum time frame, there are still have a lot of lesson learned that need to consider from which we can learn. One of the improvement cost-effective project management tool is lesson learned and hopefully it can be useful to consider on next class.

  1. Identify the Feasible Alternative
  • Lesson learned before joining the course
  • Lesson learned during the course
  • Lesson learned at the end of course


  1. Development of the Outcome for Alternative

This course is Advanced Integrated Asset, Portfolio, Program and Project Management which consist of two main objective:

  • For the Company or Organization: To generate return on training investment which will help the student to develop the soft skill and implement in the real work environment.
  • To help the student to prepare for AACEI certification, PMI or INCOSE certification.

Lesson learned before joining the course.

  • This course program will be at 25 weeks program, so before to join the class it required the strong commitment and self-discipline and need to planning your activity to achieve this target. It strongly recommended to get some information from previous successful class, what need to do and to plan in the course period and what is the problem will appear as this program will run by the entire class as one team.
  • Check the previous project team blog posted and get an idea what is the topic you will run in your course


 Lesson learned during the course.

This course program will run into 3 phase which is

  • Five days Face to face session,

In this session the trainer will guide you what is the program will be implementing, the objective of the course and what the expectation to achieve it and the tools will be use. In this session will be setup the project for distance learning program. You need to elaborate will all the team member and select the program manager to manage the project. This is the starting point where the success of your project and program it really depend on this setup.

  • Long distance learning method

In this period you will run the project as what you setup in the face to face session. The project consist of :

  1. Project control which is each of the member will be submit weekly report of the personal program to measure the performance.
  2. 2500 word paper, this is the mandatory if you select CCP certification as the first choice.
  3. Blog posting, this will be the weekly project which at least you need to submit 1 blog for every week, commonly it about 25 blog need to post during the distance learning program
  4. Problem solving from engineering economic book and Project Management Using Earned Value book as the primary book reference
  5. Mid Test, this is to review your performance as the benchmark indicator
  6. Mapping Tools and Technique, this is to mapping tools and technique to all the reference given in the class as the reference.

To run all above project, you need strong commitment. In here you really need to plan what to do and need to do what you plan. If you not commit you will ruin you project and potential you will redo you program in the next class. Based on the class experiences, the communication along with the team member is very important and always raise the question when you need to understand something with your project to your team or to the trainer for the solution. The English writing skill is really helpful in this period to energize your blog post.

Communication is the one of the key point in this project. Another key point is you need to work smart not work hard, setup your work priority and identify which project is critical and non-critical.

Maintain the communication along with all the team intently and if possible create the team building meeting to make sure all you team still in line with the course program objective.

  • Three days Final review program as the final benchmark before to attend the real certification exam


Lesson learned at the end the course.

If the two step above run properly, at the end of the project you need to register yourself to the certification body (AACEI) for exam. You need to register at least 1 month before the program finish, it mean when the program finish and two week after that you will continue for the exam. This is to make yourself more confident whet attending the exam and all the stuff still fresh in the memory. This will make you get chance to pass the exam at the first attempt.


  1. Selection Criteria

Hopefully this information will help the next class to success and get more benefit from this course.

  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives

–  Lesson learned before joining the course

Will be useful information to setup or preparation for the next class before join the course.

  • Lesson learned during the course

Will be useful information related the problem facing during the distance learning

  • Lesson learned at the end the course

Will be useful information before end the course


  1. Selection of the Preferred Alternatives

All the lesson learned above for better information for next class.


  1. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result

Here is a few lesson learned item which hopefully help the class team and next class:

  • Always work smart not hard

Check and identify what the previous class had been done, learned for them, modify and improve it, especially for blog post which can refer to them, apply their tools and technique, modify and implement it. It really possible to develop you topic blog post with the same topic with the paper topic and always structure the blog topic similar topic by topic that you’re learned. It mean one time learn could capture 3 or more project item.

  • Plan what to do and do what you plan: in here the strong commitment required to become successful of this program.
  • Suggest to select your program manager which have a strong commitment and who able to manage all the team member. Good communication within the team, able to guide and lead by example to the team.
  • Always early identify all the potential problem during the course and discuss with all the team member or get the advice from the trainer/Guru.
  • Make sure your activity in the sponsor work activity not conflict with the course program, time management is really required in this program.
  • Last but not least, one of this program objective is return on training investment. All of us need to implement all the tools and technique that we got in this course in to the real work for a better work and improvement.




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1 Response to W25_EY_Garuda 2015 Class Lesson Learned

  1. drpdg says:

    Many thanks, Pak Eddy for your great advice to future classes!!! I am sure they will appreciate it and get a lot out of it.

    I also want to thank you for some really great blog postings and I look forward not only to you passing your chosen AACE Certification but also seeing how this course will help advance your career.

    In the end, the biggest “thank you” I can get is to see my students succeed and get a favorable return on their training investment.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta


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